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robotmasters's Journal

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Sex Kittens R Us
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Welcome to the Robot Masters community!

This is where we babble endlessly about any and all of Wily's Robot Masters. (Tho' expect rather odd looks if you have a fetish for, oh, Hard Man...)

Please note that Forte does /not/ count as a Robot Master. The Rockman Killers and the Stardroids do. Why? Forte is waaaaay popular and you can go to basically any messageboard to find fans of him... but this is for the lesser-known Wily 'bot Rockman classic characters.

Before you join, we have some rules for you~ Don't worry, if you have a real deep love for the Robot Masters these should be a piece of cake to follow (and most of them are common sensible.)

  1. Absolutely no flaming. Flaming is basically where you go "omg u sux ur so stupid!!!11" ... Criticism is accepted, because it's how one improves besides practice, but insulting someone else because of their tastes, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, gender, etc. is unacceptable and you will be banned.
  2. If someone is trying to start a flame war, don't add fuel to the fire. Yes, you will get angry, and I understand that; but please, just e-mail me instead of letting the flamer egg you on... That way, I can ban them before they make a bigger mess.
  3. Be polite and respectful of other people's feelings (I sound so corny.) Seriously, no one joined this community to be insulted.
  4. No bashing characters. If someone dislikes or even hates your favoritest Robot Master EV-ER, it doesn't mean they're an evil horrible terrorist. And if you REALLY, REAAAALLY hate someone, please don't parade it with ">:O DIE QUICKMAN *STABS QUICKMAN*" comments, especially when you know that someone in the community is a big fan of the character you hate. If you really want to bash someone, go to tohmas_closet and do it there.
  5. Participate! Don't post all your own fics/art/etc. and expect instant idolization... Comment on other people's art/writing and give them criticism or "I like this! Keep it up!" comments.
  6. Please post more than once a month. The first month, if you only post one time or less, you'll be warned. The second month, you'll be warned again. The third, you'll be e-mailed asking for an acceptable excuse, and if you don't have one, you'll be booted. You can rejoin if you agree to post more than once a month.

Have fun!

~ Cheri

Robot Master Community F.A.Q. Please make sure to read this as well before you join.

~ Veji

Important: All the icons of our community were the artworks of our members, as stated in the keywords of each userpic.

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