rayshell22 (rayshell22) wrote in robotmasters,

The Unaware Bioroid: Part Duex

This is another part of My Ground Man fanfic, I hope you enjoy it.

"I still say it looks like a primitave dildo." Clown Man said as he stared at the object Charge Man was holding up.

"It's not a dildo, numbnuts. It's an anicent dagger used in fertitly ritual." He replied, completely confindent about making wild guesses about unknown artifacts. "It represent the human penis in it's stage of total erection."

"Cool, but better make sure you don't say that garbage around either Naplam or Ground Man." Clown said, streching his super-long limbs. "Those guys are real sticklers for historical accurary. They probilaly freak out if they heard the garbage you made up."

"Naplam's out on a mission for Dr. Wily, so don't worry about that. And as for Ground Man, the guy's such a cold fish that he wouldn't even blink if an item or two disappears from his quaters." The two Bioroids bursted out into uproarious laughter.

A calm, emotionless voice interrupted them. "I would like my item back, if you please."

The duo turned around to stare directly at Ground Man, looking poised and cool even though there seemed to be a hint of anger in the robot master's eyes.
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