rayshell22 (rayshell22) wrote in robotmasters,

The Unaware Bioroid.

This is my Ground Man fanfic. I have a soft spot for the guy and wanted to write something about him. I read his bio in the Rockman and Forte instruction booklet and thought to myself: "He DOES have feelings, I'm sure he just doesn't understand them yet.". And yet I loved his quiet introvertedness and wanted to develop him more.

My name is Ground Man, Designation Unit KG 003. My function is to serve Dr. Wily in anyway possible. And yet right now, I am in a situtation that I have never dealt with before: somebody has taken an item belonging to me without my permission and I am feeling a sensation akin to human anger.

No, that is not correct. I am a robot, not a human. I am literally incapable of feeling anything remotely similar to emotions. And yet, I am 'upset' about this. Besides following the good Doctor's commands and gathering information to aid me in my duties, I spend time collecting interesting objects and studying them. I do not know exactly why I do this, but it seems to full something in my programing.

But that does not matter right now, what does matter is that I must find my item and the curlpits who stole it.

And I believe I know who is responsible.

Whaddya think?
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